How booking of Perky Pug Films works

You write to us. 

It’s quite simple, just email us here: or whatsapp us here: +420739700421

Spam folder, yikes

You may find that our reply goes to spam! Be sure to check your spam folder in a day or two (or better regularly). You may find other hidden treasures in there. If you are in a hurry, send us your phone number including the international area code, then we send an email and also a text message. 

Basics & first contact

The moment you email us, we send a price list and all the basic information. Sample videos, our approach, how it is with travel and accommodation. We can also respond to your ideas, so don’t be afraid to write your idea, plans, ideas about the wedding in the first email. If this basic info is fine for you, we’ll set up a video call. 


There we will already discuss everything in detail. That’s why there is no need to fill out any complicated forms for us. We’ll discuss the timeline, ideas, plans, what the whole wedding day will look like, who will come to you from where… just everything. A call like this takes about an hour, we chat and take notes. 

Obviously, at the time of booking (maybe 1-1,5 years before the wedding) you don’t know all the details yet. Main thing for us (at this moment) is to 1) get to know each other and if it’s fits 2) get to know your ideas 3) chat about all sorts of other things than just the wedding. 

Then we book the date according to the terms of the price list and the contract. Feel free to go through and read the price list and contract and only when everything is absolutely OK for you, just sign it and pay the deposit. With this step, the booking of the date is done and there is nothing to do but wait. 

What to do in the meantime 

Drink espresso tonics, eat pizza, plan the wedding. And pick songs for the video.

Wedding is coming up!

2-3 months before the wedding, we’ll do a check that everything is OK. Of course we account for everything, so it’s just a matter of seeing each other and fine tuning your schedule, which may have changed and/or tweaked a bit in that time. 

We’re basically about these things:

  • whether we will be arriving or meeting on Friday (that’s always best)
  • whether we can shoot the rehearsal dinner
  • how the wedding will go
  • when the preparations will start
  • when and where the ceremony will take place
  • where the reception & the party will be
  • whether we will be moving from place to place 
  • and so on…

From this last step, we take notes, tweak and coordinate all the details with you and that’s it! 

Rock n roll can begin! Wheee!

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