Ideas for elopements (Iceland, New York & Bali too)

Are you thinking of getting engaged somewhere completely away from people? As much as we love giant weddings, we totally understand when someone decides to elopement somewhere far away. Combine it with a vacation, take the stress out of organizing… 

Benefits of elopements: 

  • You just need the plane tickets (and maybe a swimsuit) and you can go anywhere.
  • You’re just with your love in a beautiful place - it’s not just a one or two day celebration, but you can stretch it out for a week or two (and combine it with your honeymoon). 
  • A plan or itinerary for 2-4 people (counting the witnesses) is easier: you want to go on a boat or an iceberg, so you just go!


  • It’s probably obvious you won’t have a big family with you on your wedding day, but you can tell people to buy a ticket and come with you :-)
  • Same with the wedding party: you can organize the not-so-formal event later!

Ideas for your elopement

Updated May 2023, new ideas coming soon!

Boating in Amsterdam or Venice. A walk through the city, lots of ice cream, pizza, maybe a visit to a museum… if you’re the urban type, this is for you.

Iceland. If you’re a fan of winter (we are), this country is for you. Rent a car for a week, get a cabin in the woods, lot of Kodak film (both 35mm for photos or 8mm for video)and we promise you won’t regret it. It’s all amazing!

Bali. This is hard to describe, you have to experience it. It is a mixture of total craziness and total chill :D The jungle where everything is alive, great food, fresh fruit, lots of famous and not so famous sights, monasteries, really kind people, Monkey forest, beautiful beaches… we can’t wait to come back.

In February, we’ll be in Amsterdam, where we’ll be shooting an elopement just like this. Boating, lots of food… We’re looking forward to it! So if you’re planning a wedding in early 2023, drop us a line!

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