Why we love St Giles House

St Giles House was forever etched in our hearts when we first filmed there in 2022. Long history (it was built in 1651), impeccable renovation – you can find a book about this process and the venue in Riding house, 22 kilometres of grounds and gardens, breathtaking interiors. And as with other great places, it’s hard to describe.

When we first came here, we actually didn’t even know there was such a thing. But the Wikipedia entry itself suggested that it would be something special. 

There are few places that perfectly combine a garden (in this case, 3 in total, depending on which side you go), a great team, and amazing indoor spaces. Whether it’s the common rooms (library, entrance, lounges), the upper floor (rooms for accommodation and preparation) or the basement (a perfectly soundproofed party club), you’ll be left with your chin down absolutely everything you enter.

So why do we love St Giles so much? The atmosphere. We think the spirit of a place can just transfer to the people. Once you bring something to yourself or your guests that gets them excited at first sight, they can get excited about your event too. I guess it’s hard to explain, but even we suddenly felt somehow different when we toured this house before the wedding… and you had yet to see the guests. Whether it was at the wedding or after the champagne was poured down the glass pyramid!

You may have already seen them on our website, but if you haven’t, be sure to check out these two videos to get the best idea of what St Giles House is like and what you can expect.

Looking for more info? See articles on Hitched, Vanity Fair, or official website of St Giles House. There are also two Instagram accounts to follow: @St Giles and @St Giles Weddings.

Our work was also featured in Together Journal together with Imogen Xiana and other vendors, you can find it hereAll photos from this article are from my 2nd cameraman, best boy and assistant Vita Malina

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