Life is party. This is the proof. 

It's been seven or eight years since we started making wedding videos. Not counting the first year, I was running around with a DSLR around everything that moved. How can I sum it up in an original way? Hardly. But when you're driving in Bali (first time in the left lane) in a tropical storm, water running over you (with camera switched on) and you are driving to a wedding where you plan to spend 7 days filming, or when you're standing in Manhattan for the first time and you have a Super8 camera in your pocket... you know everything's gonna be great. 

Our 2015-2020 reel, which we edited during the pandemic (and finally had some time to do it), is such a little celebration of love, parties and travel. And remember, life is party. Enjoy.

music: NO FUN AT ALL by Wild Tides

2nd cams: Nikol Nikoljeta, Vita Malina, Ondra Novak

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