It happens to us often that we experience something unexpected with people and places… and that is the case of Grace and Matt wedding at St Giles House. Just… wow. When we go to a wedding, we never know in advance what the unexpected will be. What will happen? Everytime it’s a surprise.  In June 2022, we headed to the county of Dorset for St Giles House. We were there for 3 days, shot hours of footage with Super8 included (a lot of color and black and white film too) and it was great. 

 St Giles House is etched in our memories and we already know we are going there again next year for another wedding. Actually, you could just say “check out the video” but it’s so much more. Give a bride a Super8 camera and you will see… We think it was a great success (sometimes we have to give ourselves a pat on the back). So many great things happened at this wedding… 

venue: @stgileshouseweddings

We also met some amazing vendors:

photography @imogenxiana​​​​​​​​
florist @marthaandthemeadow​​​​​​​​
caterer @victoriablashfordsnell​​​​​​​​
videographer @PerkyPugFilms​​​​​​​​
string quartet #CascadaStrings​​​​​​​​
muah @amazing_facedorset​​​​​​​​
cake: Sugar and Salt

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