Wedding video Turkey & Czechia, filming for Pavla and Sercan

The first message from Pavel was quite simple: we are planning a wedding in the Czech Republic, we would like a nice wedding video. We will have our wedding in Turkey afterwards, so let's have a memory of the wedding in our country.

It was totally crazy, I knew as soon as I read it that I would shoot both weddings and spend as much time as possible with Pavla and Sercan.

When you are planning your wedding and adventure is at the heart of your celebrations, anything is possible. Pavla and Sercan’s wedding spanned countries and cultures for the ultimate party.

After meeting with Pavla and Sercan in Prague to hear about their plans, I knew their adventure was going to be epic. I have shot weddings across the world and knew that this was going to take some serious planning and preparation, but I am here to help my wedding couples and make sure that everything is in place for things to go smoothly. A couple of plane tickets and a 7-day shoot won't stop us.

As well as putting plans in place during our meeting, we talked at length about travelling, music, work and how the Czech Republic and Turkish weddings differ and I consider myself very lucky to meet some amazing people through my job.

This two-part wedding was filmed over seven days, starting with their first ceremony in the Czech Republic on day one,  followed by six days shooting their second ceremony and celebrations in Turkey. On video, I wanted to capture not only the love between Pavla and Sercan, but also how happy their family and friends were for them, plus the traditions and spirit of both countries.

Oh and the day after the wedding we also went on a boat where we spent the whole day shooting, jumping in the water and eating fish. How cool is that?

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